Surfboard stories volume 6 • Wakefield RI Photographer

Beibhinn came to see me along with her mom, Amanda, who was featured in Volume 5 of Surfboard Stories.  Fact:  I remember when Beibhinn was a tiny baby in her baby carrier.  Another fact:  clearly she is not any longer (um, I'm old) but she is a beautiful young woman (who clearly is her mom's clone, no?) who made me laughhhhhhhhh with her answers to the questions.  The photo I picked for Beibhinn is a lot like the photo in my first story.  You can't see her entire board...but I LOVE it.  I love this photo of her!  She looks so natural holding the board here and she just looks so happy.  Big Yellow is so big that he (she?) can't fit in the entire frame here, I guess.  Anyhow, scroll on down to see Beibhinn and Big Yellow, and read her awesome answers.

Whats your name?  Beibhinn Gallagher

Do you have a superhero name or any superpowers I should know about?  Not to brag but I've been told that I'm super annoying.

What board did you bring with you today?  I brought my yellow 9' 6" board that I stole from my dad about two years ago and never gave back because I fell in love with it.

Why did you bring this board?  I brought this board because it is my go to board and I've caught my best rides on it.

Where did you get it? I got it from 7 - ply. 

Do you remember the first wave you ever caught on this board?  I remember the first time I used Big Yellow was a small day and  we were at Mary's in Matunuck so my dad and I had switched boards for fun. It was a warm  summer morning and it only took one day to fall in love with how easy it was to get into the waves. However, my dad was stuck with my pink board with a butterfly in the center...

Do you remember your favorite wave ever (or favorite day ever) on this board?  One day it had been raining all morning but somehow the sun was still shining and my whole family was out in the line up.

Do you have a favorite place to ride it?  I would tell you but then I'd have to kill you.

Any final words?  I'd like to thank the academy.