Surfboard stories volume 7 • Wakefield RI Photographer

Our latest Surfboard Story features Mimi.  The first time I saw Mimi surf was at Pilgrim Ave. and I remember thinking wow, she can SURF.  Because she can.  In addition to her surf skills, Mimi is an all around awesome person and she's unknowingly gotten me to use the word "dodgy" in my everyday vernacular so...yeah.  It was very hard for me to pick which photograph of Mimi I wanted to use for her feature since she had a bunch of great ones.  She even danced with her board.  I ended up picking the one below because it features Mimi and her board so well, I think.  Anyhow, scroll on down to check out Mimi's Surfboard Story.

What's your name?  Mimi Roterman

Do you have a superhero name or any superpowers I should know about?  No.  But I have been told I have eagle-eye vision as I am super good at spotting birds from a distance.

What board did you bring with you today?  My Takayama 7' Flowegg.

Why did you bring this board?  Well, it's a Takayama and his boards have always been pretty important to me and my family (my mom collects them).  This particular board represents where I am in my surfing right now--after surfing mostly longboards for 21 years, I've been trying to change things up.  Riding shorter boards gives me a new perspective and set of challenges that I need.

Where did you get it?  I ordered it from Donald in 2006.  He shaped it.  Pretty awesome as he wasn't shaping that much after that.

Do you remember the first wave you ever caught on this board?  No, but my first proper session on it was at Witch's Rock in Costa Rica. Sweet!

Do you remember your favorite wave ever (or favorite day ever) on this board?  I remember taking it out in 2012, right when Hurricane Sandy was about to hit.  The swells were up and I took it out at the K's.  Donald had died just a few days before, so I kind of took it for a memorial paddle.  I remembered I got some awesome waves that day.  

Do you have a favorite place to ride it?  Preferably rights!  So that would be Pilgrim on the inside.

Any final words?  I wish I didn't have this cold right now!  No seriously, it's good to try as many boards as you can.