2019 Project 365: April Part I

Although I’ve been keeping up with taking a photo every day, I’m a bit behind in blogging them. April was a crazy month; I had surgery in the middle of it (bye bye appendix) and have been a little bit more slow than normal across the board. I’m healing well and back in action as a southern RI family photographer! I’m thankful for that.

The weather is slowly but surely improving, which means more adventures with the dog. It also means the earth is bursting forth with flowers (and weeds...but weeds can be pretty too…sometimes). And it seems like it’s been rainy or cloudy for a good long while now. We can only hope this means that sunny days are around the corner sometime or another. Fingers crossed.

Look below to see the first half of my April in images.

4/1/19 • “Silly”

My dog is ridiculously silly. Whenever he’s on the beach, he drops and rolls in the sand, usually multiple times. It must feel really good to him. It’s hilarious to watch. This was near Camp Varnum in Narragansett.

dog rolling on beach in Narragansett, RI

4/2/19 • “Hidden”

Back in November, I had a seemingly minor mishap that resulted in me breaking my left big toe, and the toenail had to be taken off as well. For months I’ve been keeping my “ugly toe” hidden. The toenail seems to finally be growing back, even though it still looks a little weird. I painted my toenails so that the ugly duckling would look a bit prettier and wouldn’t have to be hidden all the time anymore.

woman’s feet from above

4/3/19 • “Money”

money and keys on a table

4/4/19 • “Can’t live without”

This is my bottle of prednisone. I need to take it every day because I have Addison’ s disease. It is replacing the cortisol my body does not make. I literally can’t live without it; if I don’t take it, I could get very sick or die.

medicine bottle with spilled pills

4/5/19 • “Looking up”

dog in backyard in Wakefield, RI

4/6/19 • “In my hand”

This image was taken on film, with my EOS 3 film body and Kodak Tmax film.

hand holding a shell

4/7/19 • “A is for…”

My favorite food ever, or close to it.


4/8/19 • “Lavender”

4/9/19 • “Pillow”

cat sitting on a couch

4/10/19 • “Maps”

Hands are like the maps of someone’s life.

man holding out his hands

4/11/19 • “Peaches”

I fully admit to not caring for peaches (it’s mostly a texture thing with me). My parents had peach trees when I was growing up; they still do. My mom canned peaches and made peach cobbler and pie. I ate the cobbler, but just the crust. Who does that?! There weren’t even any peaches at the store to buy and take photos of and then donate to a peach lover, so I went with this. I do love seltzer, and the peach flavor is tolerable for me.

Peach flavored Polar seltzer

4/12/19 • “Hard”

Doing dishes is hard for me. Always has been. I just hate doing them. This is why I love my dishwasher.

sink with dishes

4/13/19 • “Refreshing”

I suppose the rain is refreshing to all those thirsty plants wanting to grow.

barberry bush macro in Wakefield, RI

4/14/19 • “Hobby”

This is the camera that started it all for me. What started as a hobby has now become my livelihood.

Canon AE-1

4/15/19 • “Macro Monday”

I’m unsure of the name of these flowers. I suppose they are actually weeds. They grow in the spaces between my patio pavers. The flowers are tiny; smaller than the head of a pin, but they are pretty and I like their persistence.

small flowers

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