Special Edition Princess Sessions: Magical Memories • RI Children's Photographer

When was the last time your child had a photo session that they talked about for weeks, months, or maybe even years afterward? When was the last time that your child begged for a photo session because the experience was so magical that it was compared to being “way better than Disney World” in the words of one young lady?

That is the experience that you can expect Special Edition Princess Sessions. These sessions are unique, special, and fun (for the subjects AND for me as a RI children’s photographer!) So what exactly makes this sessions so special? Read below to find out just a few of the things that make these sessions unique and a must-do for your family.


girl twirling in Narragansett, RI

AKP’s princess closet is full of handmade couture dresses in all kinds of colors, styles, and sizes. There are dresses perfect for princesses of all types. Not sure which one is for you? Come to AKP’s studio to try on dresses so your princess can say “yes” to her dress.


girl twirling in the woods in Wakefield, RI

When one puts on a puffy dress with a swirly skirt, the natural reaction is to want to spin, to twirl, to dance. One of the most fun parts of any princess session is when it’s time to twirl. The look on practically every little girl’s face when I let them know it’s time to twirl is pure joy. To be able to spin with wild abandon, over and over? How can it get better than this?! Not to mention twirling photos are beautiful.



Who doesn’t love bubbles? I’m, um, slightly older than my subjects and still love them. Bubbles are just some of the fun that come to these sessions (you wouldn’t believe how many jars of bubbles I travel with) and, just like twirling, they make for amazing images. Feeling a little envious on the sidelines while your child or children are blowing bubbles? Not to worry, mom or dad often get to blow bubbles during the session, too!


portrait of sisters in the woods in Wakefield, RI

These sessions aren’t just for one child. Two princesses? Three princesses? More? That’s great! We’ve got this. There are lots of dresses in the closet that look beautiful together. More princesses mean more twirling, more giggles, and more beautiful photos.


brother and sister portrait in Wakefield, RI

Got sons? They’re welcome to participate as well. I’ll work with you to coordinate outfits for the boys that work perfectly with your princess’ dress and the overall theme of the shoot.


girl skateboarding in princess dress in Wakefield, RI

Is your princess more Vans or Versace? Either way, we can find a way for your child to express her unique personality during her Special Edition Princess Session.


portrait of a girl spinning at Kinney Azalea Gardens in Kingston, RI

Each princess gets her very own goodie bag at the session, full of things that every princess needs. I don’t want to give anything away…but there’s a lot of sparkle!

Get the Special Edition Princess Session client guide here and find out all the details!

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