Session Giveaway Winners • Wakefield RI Family Photographer

Wayyyyyy back in the spring, I ran a contest where the winner would receive a complimentary photo session.  I FINALLY got to get a session in with my winners, Erika and Santi, recently.  First of all, I LOVE THEM!  They are fantastic!  We had such a fun session and I learned so many things (as I always tend to do from children), including information about zombies that I wasn't aware of, and that your photographer really should take a photo of you playing dead in a chair so that you can show all your friends.  They obviously love each other so much.  And, Santi has the "serious" face down better than any young person I've ever photographed.  I'm so happy that I got the opportunity to photograph Erika and Santi.  They really made my day.