What's In My Camera Bag, Part 4 • Wakefield RI Photographer

Last spring I did a 3-part "What's In My Camera Bag" series (you can view part 1 here, part 2 here, and part 3 here).  I've had a few changes since that time so I decided it was time to do an update post.  

I took these photos in my studio after a photo session so bonus points if you can spot any footprints on the backdrop!

Canon 7D Mark II.  I sold my 70D and bought this body when it came out.  This is essentially my dream camera for shooting surfing.  There are a lot of aspects that make it very similar to my 5D Mark III.  It has a really, really nice focus system and when it shoots bursts of photos it sounds like a machine gun.  I've been taking lots of photos of my cat playing in the yard.  I may or may not narrate to myself as if I'm on Animal Planet.

Canon 200mm f2 lens.  This is my dream lens.  I never thought I would actually own one.  It's the only piece of camera equipment I've ever purchased used.  I paid nothing even remotely close to what this lens retails for new (or even what it retails for used most of the time).  I was in the right place at the right time to score this sucker.  It is really big, though not as big as it originally seemed to me.  I guess I'm getting used to it.  It is also the single sharpest lens I have EVER shot wide open.  I found that when I trialed this lens from Canon last summer and it's still the same with this copy, on both my bodies.  I am really astounded by the quality of the photos this lens produces.  I am also astounded that my biceps haven't yet reached Incredible Hulk size from hauling this lens around.  

Thanks for reading another installment of What's In My Camera Bag!