Dear Santa: Dream Photography Gifts • Wakefield RI Photographer

Newsflash:  Christmas is almost upon us.  (No, really!)  Last week I posed a question on my Facebook page (do you follow me there?  If not, you should.  If you came from there, awesome!). I asked the photographers out there what their dream photography-related Christmas gift would be.  You know, if money was no object and they could have anything.  Nobody mentioned the   Canon 1200mm lens or a magical unicorn to carry your camera bag.  Wow, I'm surprised.  Ha!  There were a number of fun things suggested, though.  What do people want?  Check out the graphic below (you can even click through to find where to buy these items, should you be shopping for a loved one).  Scroll down even more for my commentary and descriptions, because you know you love it.

2014 Christmas dream photography gifts

(1) A new camera body.  The Canon 5D Mark III and the new Nikon D750 are two of the more requested bodies that photographers are hoping to see under the tree!

(2) A rail system for studio lights.  This was suggested by only one person.  However I had to add it because I personally think this would be the best thing ever.  (Besides if Johnny Depp showed up at my door to bring it to me).  To never deal with light stands again...yes please.  YES PLEASE.

(3) 200mm f2 lens.  This lens is magical.  So magical.  And it does your dishes.  OK, I may have made that up.  But it's so magical that you will want to do your dishes.  Or take photos of your dishes?

(4) 24-70 2.8 lens.  A workhorse lens and, in my experience, so sharp.  I've never caught mine doing my dishes, nor has Johnny Depp given me one, but I won't hold that against the lens.

(5) 70-200 2.8 lens.  Sharp, versatile, fast focus, lovely swirly bokeh...these are all reasons that Santa should be coming down your chimney with this baby!  And if you don't have a chimney, just let him in the front door.

(6) 50mm lens upgrade.  There's the nifty fifty, and then there are the dream 50's.  Canon has the wonderful 50mm 1.2. Sigma has recently come out with a 50mm 1.4 Art, which you can get in mounts for several different camera brands, and has been getting awesome reviews.  I have not heard or seen anything bad about this lens since its release.  

I hope Santa brings you all your dreams for Christmas.  What's my dream?  I think I'm already living it.