2019 Project 365: March Part II

According to the calendar, spring has arrived. According to my photos, we’re not quite there. The leaves still aren’t on the trees, we’re still lighting the wood stove over here in my little house, and the outdoor temps have been raw. That said, there are little signs of warmer weather coming. Crocuses and daffodils, the grass is getting green (and weeds are popping up too…lovely!)

Slowly but surely, more of my project photos are starting to be taken outdoors, and more of my time is being spent outdoors. The dog and I have been going on hikes together. The cat lays out on the deck on warm days. It’s comforting to know that in just a few short weeks, it will start being much warmer in earnest. All things that make my RI family photographer heart happy. At the same time, I’m enjoying these last few quiet weeks as much as I can, before all my favorite beautiful and peaceful spots are being enjoyed by many, many people.

The second half of March is a time of change, of coming into spring, of new things, and my photos show that. All kinds of new things, different things, and my own busy-ness show in the photos (at least to me).

Come see March with me.

3/16/19 “Garden”

It is too cold here yet to have a garden; on March 16 there weren’t even any garden centers open to go to so this will have to do. Part of my indoor garden.

African violets

3/17/19 “Green”


3/18/19 “Lucky”

I was lucky enough to dog sit my friends’ dog while they were on vacation. I got to hang out with this guy every day and he really was one of the highlights of my day.

bull terrier

3/19/19 “Poetry…match a photo to a poem”

The VII on the tattoo on my back is for Pablo Neruda’s Soneto VII.

woman with tattoo on her back

3/20/19 “Spring”

mohawk viburnum bud

3/21/19 “Culture”

Siggi’s yogurt

3/22/19 “World water day”

woman’s hand holding glass under faucet

3/23/19 “Kites”

This was a difficult photo for me. We don’t have any kites, I couldn’t find any kites flying, or birds flying. “Wolf” is a synonym for “kite” and, you know, dogs are descended from wolves and my dog has a high wolfiness percentage to his DNA so I ended up with a photo of my dog.

black dog on rocks

3/24/19 “Music”

Doc Martens have been connected with music for me for the last 30 years. There is so much music all my docs have seen and heard and danced to.

Doc Martens near chair

3/25/19 “Texture”

Hemp seeds in a measuring cup

3/26/19 “Peas”

green peas in a green bowl

3/27/19 “Grass”

Lionel absolutely loves eating grass. Now that it’s spring, there’s lots more for him to find and chow on.

Maine Coon cat outside

3/28/19 “Happy”

black dog on the beach

3/29/19 “Flower close up”

macro of crocus from above

3/30/19 “Architecture'‘

URI library

3/31/19 “Crayons”

crayons in a glass

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