For Photographers: Focusing On Focus Problems • Wakefield RI Photographer

I got a good response to my last video about depth of field, so I went ahead and made another video!  One of the questions I get asked about a TON in emails, Facebook messages, and in my mentoring classes is about focus problems.  I have met (both virtually and in real life) SO many people who have focus problems, but honestly a lot of those problems are easily resolved.  This is a good thing; focus issues are usually really stressful for a photographer no matter the cause.  My next video (or really two videos...who knew that a.  I talk a lot and b.  Youtube won't let you upload a video that is more than 20 minutes I had to split my focus talk into two separate videos) is all about focus.  Or lack thereof.  Things I discovered when making this video:  1.  apparently my 7D Mark II, which I made this video with, attempts to autofocus in video mode when I move around.  I'm not a video person...I had no idea.  You can actually hear the lens trying to focus in the background.  This, my friends, is why they have STM lenses.  2.  I talk.  A lot.  I know I already said that but jeez, I don't shut up!  I had no idea that I could talk about depth of field for 15 minutes nor did I have a clue I could talk about focus issues for 20 minutes.  With no script.  No wonder my nickname in elementary school was Never Ending Story. 

Anyhow, if you like what you see and would like to learn more about photography, take a gander at my mentoring page to sign up for a class.  Until then, enjoy the latest videos.

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