For photographers: All About Depth Of Field • Wakefield RI Photographer

I do online and in person mentoring classes, as I'm sure a bunch of you know.  A few people have mentioned to me at some point that I should make videos.  I was like, HAHAHA yeah right.  Then I thought about it and said to myself, self, maybe I could do this.  Or something.  A filmmaker I'm not.  Both of my cameras can take video but let's be honest, I'm a photographer and my video experience is mostly limited to taking videos with my iPhone when a horse-drawn spaceship lands in my backyard.  (I mean, you get the idea).  But I've gotten a lot of requests, so I decided to try this.  One of the questions I get asked most frequently is about depth of field.  Since this is my most frequently asked (and answered) question, I picked that topic to be my first video.  I just set up my camera, sat down on my beautiful gold velour couch, and began a completely unscripted conversation about depth of field.  A few edits in iMovie and an upload to youtube (which apparently made the HD quality disappear???) and here we are.  The video is almost 15 minutes long because apparently I like to talk...but it has some really good information in it, at least I think so.  I made it through with no wardrobe malfunctions too!  If you're confused about depth of field, please do watch my video and if there are still things that you need clarified, feel free to ask in the comments.  I actually had planned to talk about how setting your aperture the same as the number of people in the shot is really a bunch of crap, but I spaced on that while making the video; oh ranting about that from me!  Hoping to be able to make a few more videos from the velour couch in the near future.  

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