Just One Photo • Don't Fall In • Wakefield RI Photographer

I've finally started to go through some of the photos I took last month when I borrowed the 8-15 fisheye lens from Canon.  I know, I know, it's been a month since I took this photo but I love my clients and their photos take precedence!  Anyhow, this lens was super fun to use.  Would I buy it?  Probably not, only because it's not currently a "need" (and because at least 50% of my photos were me, taking photos of my feet, zoomed all the way out, making it look like I'm standing on top of a globe.  I find it amusing but...cost effective?  Ha, I think not).  Nevertheless, I'm glad to have tried it and I did get to take a bunch of photos with it.  I took this one the first day I had the lens.  I went down to South Kingstown town beach at sunset.  I took a lot of photos.  I may have fallen in the water at one point because it was so cool to see the water rush up to me through this fisheye lens.  Oops.   Adventure!  I've taken this photo many times.  Never quite with this view, though.