Barbados, the second part

More of our Barbados adventures:  a trip to the wild animal reserve where there were monkeys and crazy little deer and all kinds of other animals (we actually saw monkeys right outside our apartment, but not until the last day at 6 a.m.); a trip to the west coast in the moke for snorkeling and relaxing (and apparently not only do I walk behind Lea and photograph her, I also swim behind her…); shades in the breeze; the steps we walked down to get to the beach where we surfed; beaches and blue water; intersections; more photos of our beloved Freight's Bay; and…the airport.  Because if I start in the airport, why not end in the airport.  And in case you were wondering…yes, the Bridgetown airport DOES indeed have a tarp-tent-like roof.  

This blog post has been brought to you by 10 on 10, a monthly blog circle involving a great group of photographers.  Please be sure to check out the next blog in the circle:  Vanessa from Photography On The Banks.  She's down in the Outer Banks (where the water is warmer than here!) and her blog post this month includes some great beach photos.