Barbados, the first part

Last week I was in Barbados.  It was warm there.  There were waves every single day.  We saw sea turtles.  We ate lots of fish.  We found magic juice and we found out that beers there are only 9 ounces and we met Coconut Chris, who told us how to make coconut milk with pipe water.  Yes.  Pipe water.  (And he also turned us on to sugar cakes).  We drove around in a car with no doors and met extremely friendly people.  If you follow me on instagram you may have already seen some of our crazy/ridiculous photos…and if you're my friend on Facebook, well, you've seen the Amy and Lea travel reports.  Here are the first batch of photos from our trip (beginning at JFK airport, even).  I like taking photos of small things and details.  I took lots of photos but I have so many more photos in my mind of all the people and places and things.  And yes, I apparently am a creepy stalker who likes to take photos of Lea while she's walking.