One week, one lens round 5: the 135mm f/2 • Wakefield, RI photographer

I'm not going to lie:  I was so happy when the 135mm was chosen as the next lens in my One Week, One Lens project.  This is my faaaaaaaaaavorite lens.  I have taken some of my favorite photos ever with this lens and I'm pretty sure that magical gnomes live inside of it.  While I am not one of those photographers who constantly shoots with wide open apertures, I can say that with this lens, I've only taken one photo ever at an aperture narrower than 2.5 (it's of my cat, and it's in this post).  This lens is just so magical (see:  gnomes) that I just keep it parked in one place and happily shoot away for maximum magicalityness (that word may not be in the dictionary but it clearly should be).  The downsides to this latest installment:  time (I felt like there was never enough...I got back from vacation and had time to do everything but shoot photos) and cold and snow and dark (this lens is well suited to outdoor portraits, but that's hard when, you know, it snows twice a week and then your yard turns into a level 500 dangerous ice rink).  Warm weather, please come so I can take people outside with this lens.  Thank you.  Despite all these obviously horrible setbacks, I still took photos because um, that's what I do.  You'll see some familiar characters such as Reina the Unimpressed Cat; my favorite Enthusiastic Assistant; and my dad, to name a few.  When time is short, you wrangle whatever furry or non-furry being you can for photos.  I did get to spend a fair amount of time outside on one day when it was so foggy that the air appeared blue, which was pretty amazing.  No self portraits this time (I KNOW...WHAT'S WRONG?) but there's always next time.  Scroll down to see the results and maybe some magical gnomes.