When the photographer says jump... • Wakefield RI dance photographer

I had the pleasure of doing another shoot with Dayle and Alice recently.  I first met them back in the spring and we did a shoot then.  I had another idea brewing in my mind and these ladies were happy to oblige (yes, they are awesome).  My goal was to have at least some shots capturing motion.  Freezing motion.  We all know that dancers move, but what does a move look like if you capture just a split second of it?  Pretty cool, it turns out.  It also turns out that you need a few takes to capture those perfect moving shots.  Hey, I had fun and the ladies didn't kill me.  We also got some less dynamic poses in too.  Shoots like this are so much fun for me.  Scroll down to see what we got, and also please wish Dayle good luck as she will be starting college very shortly.