Ballet Part II • Wakefield RI Photographer

Last weekend I shot the second part of my ballet/dance project.  This time my subjects were Dayle and Alice, two delightful young ladies.  I had a number of ideas for this shoot.  I like to multitask, a lot, you know.  My goals:  use the gorgeous windows in the studio space (check!  Even though the light was fading and it was a gray and rainy day, we were able to use the GORGEOUS windows); use my Lensbaby for some selective focus shots (check!); process some photos to look like old school grainy film black and whites (check!  I did this with some of the Lensbaby shots!); and use dramatic light (check!  I love love LOVE dramatic light!)  Dayle and Alice were fantastic to work with.  They came prepared with a number of outfit changes; injected other dance styles into the shoot; and they told me they thought I was about 22.  Based on that alone, I'll shoot them again anytime.  Scroll down to see some of the photos we got.