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At the core of every mom's existence is something natural and primal:  keeping their child safe and healthy.  But doesn't it seem like that is something that is becoming harder and harder nowadays?  Our world is inundated with chemicals that are supposed to be helping us but may truly be detrimental to us.  These chemicals pop up all over:  in our cleaning products, our sunscreen, and even in medications.  It can be nerve wracking to make decisions on what products are best suited for your family to use.  We're in the information age but there are so many choices!  What to do?

Amy Kristin Photography • Rhode Island Photographer

Recently I sat down with Tara Devany:  South Kingstown resident, friend, mom, and doTerra wellness advocate (you can check out her website here and make your wish list).  Tara is no stranger to a natural and holistic lifestyle and she has continued that lifestyle after having her two-year-old son.  Part of that lifestyle includes using essential oils rather than "mainstream solutions" for everyday needs.  Essential oils are safe and useful alternatives to many products that the average person uses in a day.  Many oils even have multiple uses.  (Plus, they all smell amazing.) Ready to find out what Tara's top six essential oils for moms are?  Keep reading!

Amy Kristin Photography • Rhode Island Photographer
  1. Aroma Touch.  (this is a doTerra blend of cypress, peppermint, basil, marjoram, grapefruit, and lavender.  If you prefer a different brand they likely have a similar product, or you could make the blend yourself.)  This is a blend that Tara has used in her massage practice and finds that its benefits translate to children as well.  It is both relaxing and uplifting for you (or your partner/spouse).  Both of these properties are key when you have children!  This oil can also be used on children but should be diluted quite a bit if you choose to do so; Tara recommends approximately 5 drops of oil to 2 tablespoons of a carrier oil.
  2. Lavender.  This oil has a wonderful relaxing quality:  this is key whether you're trying to get your child to go down for her nap or you just need a little something to help with a stressful day.  It also is a great first aid oil, along with the next oil, and can be wonderful in helping with minor skin abrasions, cuts, and scrapes.  
  3. Tea tree (melaleuca).  Tea tree oil is another oil that is useful on cuts and scrapes, and it's anti fungal and antibacterial.   This makes it a great oil for cleaning your home without using unwanted chemicals.
  4. Purify.  (This is another doTerra blend, and again, if your preference is for a different brand you can likely find a similar product or make your own blend.  This blend contains lemon, lime, pine, fir, citronella, melaleuca, and cilantro.)  This is another oil that is good for cleaning.  Really good.  For those, uh, unusual cleaning messes that you never thought would occur...until you became a mom.  You know, like when your baby poops in the corner.  Its cleansing power mixed with its fresh smell make it a top pick.  Mix about 10-20 drops (to taste) with vinegar and water for a cleaning solution. 
  5. Lemongrass.  This is another oil that is wonderful for cleaning (and making your home smell great).  As one of the least expensive oils, it's a very economical way to make your own cleaning products.
  6. Jasmine (jasmine absolute).  This oil is extremely useful for YOU, mama.  Time with your honey may not come often especially when you first become a mom, but jasmine can help you.  It is an aphrodisiac and is also relaxing. Put some on your hands and run them through your hair, then let the jasmine go to work.  Tara recommends Floracopeia brand.  

What are your favorite oils and what do you use them for?  Put your suggestions in the comments below!

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