The Green Cape Returns • Rhode Island Portrait Photographer

While my photography focus has been on children, families, and high school seniors, I can't lie:  I love a creative shoot now and then.  Doing shoots like these is super fun (but hey, I have fun at every shoot) and I get to try out new photography locations around Rhode Island or throw in a little creativity or make magical gnomes appear from my camera.  (OK, that part was made up, but I was just seeing if you were paying attention).

Recently I went to one of my new favorite shooting locations in Narragansett, RI with the beautiful Ann.  She is such a wonderful person and is also wonderful to do creative shoots with because she's up for anything.  In fact, she may not have known she would be my lovely model until right before the shoot, but nevertheless, she rocked.  It was early evening and cloudy but I didn't let that take away from our fun.  I brought along the green cape (remember the green cape?).  While we didn't shoot for long, we still got some really nice shots.  I also brought my film camera along on this shoot.  The film is still in my camera but the roll is almost done so it's my hope that sometime before summer we'll see the film version of this shoot.  I'm optimistic!  

Check out some of the photos from our shoot below.  I've dreamed up some more creative and styled shoot ideas for the coming months, but I'ld love to hear what you think should be my next creative shoot.  Runaway bride?  Vintage shoot?  Put your ideas in the comments!