Surfboard stories volume 9 • Wakefield RI Photographer

J.P. came to see me with his board that he made himself and he was also kind enough to coordinate his outfit with both his board AND my backdrop, which I thought was really thoughtful of him.  I mean, he didn't know the color of the backdrop...but maybe somehow...he did.  True story #1:  One of the most fantastically awesome and funny surfing action shots I've ever taken is of J.P.  True story #2:  It's possible that I once considered catnapping his cat because she's so adorable but I thought that would be wrong and also, jail is just a bad place to spend my summer.  

J.P.'s answers are kind of hilarious...I mean, they made me laugh a lot.  I know I'm easily amused but I found them quite entertaining.  Anyhow, scroll on down to see J.P. and his board and read all his answers.  FYI...there are a couple of PG-13 words ahead.  I talk like this on the daily but if you're sensitive or have any kids reading along just wanted to let you know ahead of time.

I don't even know.  But this photo is pretty amazing.

What's your name?  J.P. Delicious.

Do you have a superhero name or any superpowers I should know about?  Echo voice and slow motion, but that's about it right now.

What board did you bring with you today?  My little mule.

Why did you bring this board?  Because it's freakin awesome.

Where did you get it?  Forged by Thor's hammer in the clouds of some mystical mountain range in North Providence or some shit like that.

Do you remember the first wave you ever caught on this board?  Yup.  Blew my mind.

Do you remember your favorite wave ever (or favorite day ever) on this board?  40's, some hurricane swell when it was down to Carlos, my buddy Matt and I.  Got to be pretty fucking big and I was last in the water.  Unreal, unreal, unreal...

Do you have a favorite place to ride it?  40's, High Street, the Pier on certain days.  Hollow, head high, pocket walls.  Tons o' fun.

Any final words?  I'd like to thank my mom, my aunty Carol, the dude, Rocky and Bullwinkle, the chick that bags groceries at Stop & Shop that might be a little retarded, Uncle Jack, people who come to rummage through my car when I'm out surfing, pretty much everyone...