One week, one lens round 7: 50mm 1.2 • Wakefield RI Photographer

OK, I'm finally getting a chance to post the photos I took almost two weeks ago when I used my 50mm exclusively for the week.  I know I say this about almost every lens, but I really love this lens.  I've had every 50mm that Canon makes.  The 1.8 was good and super inexpensive.  A little noisy and plasticky, yes, but still a good little lens.  The 1.4 made me want to hurl myself out a window.  Maybe that's a little dramatic.  But I hated it.  Mine was very, very bad and was plagued by autofocus issues.  It was constantly at Canon.  I didn't use a 50mm lens for almost a year because I was afraid to trust it.  Finally I decided to get the 1.2.  I am pretty sure that what happened when I first used it was similar to what happened when Clark Griswold FINALLY got his Christmas lights to work.  It is beautiful.  The photos that come from it are beautiful.  I don't use it much for portraits but it's great for documenting the world around me (thus the sort of week-in-my-life feel of the photos).  My favorite enthusiastic assistant was spared from being featured this time because I took pity on him.  Also missing is one of my usual favorite subjects, Reina the cat.  She's been missing for over a month but you can see that my week included putting up more missing posters for her.  I had to include a self portrait of me looking amazing because even when I'm tired (way tired) I practice stuff on myself with the light from your front door!  Also featured is my fantastic friend Lea who is not fazed by my camera since I followed her around with one like a stalker in Barbados.  Have a look below to see the photos from my week.