Spotlight on Penny • Wakefield RI Pet Photographer

You may remember that earlier in the month, I went to the South Kingstown Animal Shelter and took photos of the animals there.  Today I wanted to highlight one animal in particular:  Penny the dog.  Penny has really captured my heart.  I think about her every day!

Penny has been waiting for a family for quite some time.  She really deserves to be in a loving forever home, and I am hoping that someone out there who reads this is Penny's perfect family.  She is the BEST dog.  Those of you who have followed me for awhile know I'm more of a cat person, but I'm sort of in love with Penny (don't tell my cat).  

For starters, Penny is clearly gorgeous and the camera loves her (also, she loves the camera).  Trust me, she's just as pretty in person!  She's about four years old.  And she is SO happy.

Penny loves you.  Penny doesn't even know you, but she loves you as soon as she meets you.  She  is so very excited to meet people that you can't help but be happy to meet Penny and be in her presence.  I think that her tail may be the eighth wonder of the world.  It wags so fast and I've heard it does this all day long.  Penny is just THAT HAPPY.  How could you not want to be around such a happy creature all the time?

Penny is the kind of girl who needs to be the only dog in the house, but with someone like Penny to love you all day, why would you need another dog?  She is spayed, and was previously raised around children.  This happy girl very much deserves a home where she is loved and snuggled.  I hope you agree.  If you think that you are the right home for Penny, you should definitely go to see her at the South Kingstown Animal Shelter at 132 Asa Pond Road, or give them a call at 401-789-5515 for some more info.