Ann • Rhode Island Portrait Photographer

Sometimes I have an idea, and sometimes a shoot pans out of that idea.  Sometimes I get to play with all the things that I don't get to do all the time.  Some haze and some sun flare and my 135mm lens.  Sometimes goats show up at your shoot (they're not pictured here, but they do live on the premises, and really, I should go back and take more photos of them).  This shoot had all of these elements, not to mention a most fantastic subject.  We didn't shoot for's still cold here!  But we got some good stuff.  At the end of our shoot, my gorgeous subject Ann turned the tables and snapped some photos of me.  While I didn't include them here, she is as talented behind the camera as in front of it.  Who else could get me to do yoga while they photographed me?  Scroll down to see some of what we captured.