2019 Project 365: April Part II

Here I am close to five months into my 2019 daily photo project and it’s still hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that almost five months have passed this year. When I was in high school, one of my math teachers told me that time was relative…when you’re a year old, a year is your whole life so far, so another year passing seems like a whole lifetime. By the time you reach your 30’s and 40’s and beyond, a year is just a small part of your entire life, and they pass by faster and faster. Or at least it seems so. I didn’t quite grasp what he was saying at the time. The words made sense, but the experience didn’t, because I was still young enough that everything seemed to take forever. Waiting for concerts, for my birthday, for a vacation, or a day off from work. Now I just want time to slow down, at least some days. Picking up my camera just for me, outside of being a southern RI family photographer, helps me slow down just a little and capture a piece of every day, so at least they are there to go back and look at.

The second half of April involved a lot of rainy and cloudy days (much as it still is!), but that also means that there are lots and lots of pretty things that are blooming because of all the rain. I was recovering from my appendix surgery in the second half of April and laying low a bit. Lemmy the dog and I had to curb our adventures and take much shorter walks for awhile but thankfully we’re getting back to our original routine, which makes both of us happy. Take a look below to get a little glimpse into the second half of my April.

4/16/19 • “Old”

This is the oldest camera I own. Yes, I still use it.

Kodak Brownie Holiday camera

4/17/19 • “New”

This is the newest camera I own (or at least it was at the time I took this image; several weeks later I got the EOS R).

Canon 1dx Mark II

4/18/19 • “Panning”

I wanted to do something a lot more creative with this day’s theme. Alas, when you had abdominal surgery three days prior, getting around much is not always easy so taking photos of cars driving by my street it was.

panning image of car in Wakefield, RI

4/19/19 • Bike

bicycle tire in backyard in Wakefield, RI

4/20/19 • “Sidewalk”

Lemmy prefers the seawall as his own “sidewalk” vs the ones that the humans use.

black dog on seawall in Narragansett, RI

4/21/19 • “Eggs”

two brown eggs

4/22/19 • “Earth”

It is amazing to me how each and every year the earth gives birth to beauty in spring, when everything was so dead and brown just weeks before.

flower bud with raindrop in Wakfield, RI

4/23/19 • “Rain”

black and white image of raindrops on sedum plant in Wakefield, RI

4/24/19 • “Mirror”

image of a bathroom viewed through a doorway

4/25/19 • “Clean”

woman with red shoes sweeping kitchen floor

4/26/19 • “Looking down”

image of woman’s legs and boots, standing in a doorway, taken from above

4/27/19 • “Butterfly”

This was a tricky one for me. There are no butterflies here, and our butterfly bush didn’t even have leaves at this point. So there’s always the dictionary!

dictionary open to the word butterfly

4/28/18 • “Lens flare”

This was another tricky one. I have some lenses that flare beautifully—when there’s sun to shoot into. This day there was barely any sun so this was what I got.

mohawk viburnum in Wakefield, RI

4/29/19 • “Pasta”

uncooked gluten free pasta in a bowl

4/30/19 • “Action”

While this isn’t extreme action, it is my sidekick in action, with his trademark silly trot that he does.

black dog on the bach in Jerusalem, RI

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