Your Photo Session Wardrobe: 3 Tips To Dress For Success • RI Family Photographer

So you've booked a photo session for your family or your kids.  You've chosen the location, the date is approaching.  You're really excited but you're still stuck on one thing:  what should we wear?  

As a RI family photographer, choosing your wardrobe for your photo shoot is a step I go through with all my clients.  I'll even come shopping with you if you'd like, or go through your closets with you!  Whatever it takes to make sure that your portraits come out exactly as you envisioned them.

That said, the three easy tips I'm sharing are the basis to planning your wardrobe for your upcoming photo session.  Starting with these tips will make choosing session clothing less stressful and make your session smooth sailing.  Want to know the tips?  Keep reading!

1.  Coordinate, don't match.

Siblings getting photo taken in the woods in South Kingstown, RI

Remember those photos from the 80's and 90's where the entire family is wearing the same outfit?  (Picture a white t-shirt and jeans.  Ah, the memories!)  That was the style then, but that's not the look you want to go for now for your family or children's portraits.  The key is for everyone to coordinate and look cohesive without wearing the exact same thing.  

2.  Choose 2-3 colors and dress everyone around them.

Family photo in South Kingstown, RI

If you're wondering how to implement tip #1 and coordinate without matching, this will help.  Choose a color scheme of two to three colors for you photos, and have everyone work from that. Not everyone needs to wear all the colors, and there are many ways to implement them.  Say your choices are burgundy, mustard, and tan.  Mom can wear a burgundy dress with a mustard necklace.  Dad can wear a burgundy and mustard plaid shirt with khakis.  One child can wear a mustard dress with a burgundy shrug.  Get the idea?  You can be as creative or simple as you eat with this.  Let your color choices express your personalities.  Love neutrals?  Go with them, and add a pop of color where you see fit.  Or choose colors that your family loves and will go well with your location choice.

3.  If you're stuck, turn to the color wheel.

Brothers in Narragansett, RI

Picking colors that go well together isn't always the easiest.  If you're stuck, flash back to elementary school art class and check out the color wheel.  Looking at complementary or analogous colors on the wheel, for example, can help you narrow down color choices for your photo shoot wardrobe.  If your biggest fear is everyone clashing instead of looking coordinated and cohesive, the color wheel is a great place to start.

Ready to dress for success at your own family's photo shoot?  Let's book it now!

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