Four Tips To Stay Healthy During Cold And Flu Season • RI Children's Photographer

Let's be honest:  if you have children who go to school or day care, there really is no "off season" to the endless (or so it may seem) string of illnesses they bring home.  This time of year is the worst, with colds, flu, strep, and more kicking into high gear.  And when the kids are sick, mama often gets sick, too.  

Nobody has time to be sick, especially moms.  As a mom, you know how full your days are.  Laying low and resting is what you need to do when you're sick, but how is that even possible when you're taking care of your children, running errands, cooking, possibly working outside the home, shuttling kids to activities, taking care of the furry family members...the list goes on.  As a RI children's photographer, I often hear from moms how they have no time at all to be sick.  None.  Not to mention, being sick is jut not fun.

While we can't always prevent being sick, there are a number of things you can do to make sure your immune system is in top shape and lessen the possibility that germs find their way to you.  I've put together a list of four tips to keep yourself healthy so that you can you can spend more time on life and less time feeling not so hot.

Note that if you do get sick or have any specific questions about sickness prevention, consult your doctor.  For tips to keep yourself in tip top shape, read on!

Woman getting glass of water

1.  Eat right, get enough rest, and drink plenty of water.

These things all sound like common sense (and what your mom was always telling you!)  But sometimes we forget how important the simple things are.  Eating healthy food, drinking enough water, and getting enough sleep are HUGE in keeping your immune system functioning well.  These things may be easier said than done (especially the sleep) when you're a busy mom, but take steps to make small changes at a time if that makes it easier. 

Bottle of elderberry syrup

2.  Take elderberry syrup.

Elderberry has powerful immune boosting powers and can also be used to help fight certain illnesses when you're sick.  It's been used for centuries.  This was one of the things I kind of gave the side eye to until I tried it myself.  You can find elderberry syrup (and gummies, if the syrup isn't up your alley) in lots of places.  Health food stores carry it, but you can also now find it in drugstores and grocery stores as well.  Or, if you're an Amazon shopper like I am, it can be found there.

doTerra On Guard essential oil

3.  Use essential oils

Essential oils are another one of those things that I gave the side eye to until I experienced their benefits.  There is so much conflicting info on them out there.  Are they real?  Are they just a bunch of little jars with good-smelling stuff?  (Hey, they do smell good.)  The one oil blend that I TOTALLY recommend to ward off illness is the doTerra On Guard blend (or an equivalent if you have a different preferred oil company...for example, Young Living's version is Thieves.)  I diffuse this oil beginning in fall, and put some on the bottom of my feet each night before sleeping.  When everyone around me--including those in my own house--were dropping like flies from illnesses this winter, I managed to stay well.  When I stopped my nightly oil-on-the-feet routine because my bottle ran out, guess what?  I got pneumonia.  Coincidence?  Could be, but I like to think this stuff really works, and there's some science that supports it.  And hey, it smells good.

Asics sneakers

4.  Exercise

Exercise boosts your immune system; those who exercise have stronger immune systems than those who are sedentary.  If you already have an exercise routine in place, great!  If not, even something as simple as walking will be beneficial to you.  Especially if you're just starting an exercise routine, doing it with a friend can make it more fun.  Make a date with a friend to walk around the neighborhood three times a week.  The time will pass more quickly and you'll get to spend time with your friend (and boost your immune system!)

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