Just A Little Bit Autumn • RI Children's Photographer

It seems like fall sort of passed us by this year, doesn't it?  First it was warm for so long, with leaves that were barely changing.   Then we had a big storm that blew off leaves (some still green) in one fell swoop.  As a RI children's photographer, this makes me a little sad because fall sessions are the best!  Fall foliage is welcome and beautiful after the greens of spring and summer.  The warm and bright jewel tones just make photos happy.

This year our leaves didn't quite put on the show they have in years past.  Even so, there was still some subtle, pretty fall colors at one of my favorite spots in South Kingstown.  In late October, I got to a shoot there with a beautiful girl, a red dress, and my favorite orange chair (which coordinates quite nicely with fall leaves!).  We were lucky to have unseasonably warm weather the day of our shoot, as well as a bouquet of dahlias courtesy of my mother's beautiful flower garden.  

We are lucky to have gotten in this shoot when we did; just eight days later, the leaves were totally gone, blown off before many of them even changed.  This spot is lovely all year round, but the leaves usually hang out a little longer.  My lovely subject makes a great fall princess. 

Take a look below to see our shoot.  Do you have any fall leaves hanging on where you are?  Let me know in the comments!


girl in the woods in South Kingstown, RI
girl in the woods in South Kingstown, RI
girl throwing leaves in the woods in South Kingstown, RI
girl twirling in the woods in South Kingstown, RI
girl in the woods in South Kingstown, RI

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