3 Ways For Moms To Relax • RI Children's Photographer

There are no days off when you're a mom.  You're always on call, always making sure your children are safe, warm, fed, and happy.  It's rewarding....and sometimes stressful.

It's really hard to find time to stop and breathe between jobs, school, activities, and sports.  It's a busy but full life.  As a RI children's photographer, I frequently encounter moms who are Wonder Woman.  They are managing a household, working in or outside of the home or are stay at home moms (that's working from home if you ask me, with far fewer breaks!), playing chauffeur, sneaking in date nights and time with friends, and hopefully sleeping somewhere in there.

But where is the time to relax?  Relaxing is important for everyone...it gives us much needed down time and allows our bodies and souls to be refreshed.  Women are natural caregivers, and we take better care of others when we take care of ourselves.  So how can moms relax?  Read below for three ways.

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1.  Have a spa day

There are lots of spa experiences out there, and all are meant to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.  This past winter, I had a unique experience at The Bodhi Spa in Newport.  A bit different from what most consider a "traditional" spa, Bodhi is a hydrotherapy spa that offers a unique "Water Journey".  It consists of a number of saunas, warm and cold salt and fresh water pools, and more.  Lounge in each area as long as you want; this is a great opportunity to take a half-day or whole day by yourself or with your friends to enjoy.  I promise, you'll feel like warm jell-o (in a good way) afterward.

2.  Try acupuncture

Relaxation is not the sole purpose of acupuncture--it has an amazing number of health benefits that still kind of blow my mind--but it's a really welcome side effect.  Acupuncture is something I first tried about a year and a half ago to deal with a few issues I had going on.  It helped me immensely, and the most welcome part of each visit is the nice nap I take during each visit.   The entire experience is very calming and relaxing, and I promise that you will feel better in lots of ways after a visit.  Visits last just about an hour.  If you'd like to try acupuncture, go see Dr. Lee at All That Matters in Wakefield.

3.  Meditate.

Meditation isn't just sitting with your legs crossed and saying "ommmm".  I used to laugh when people told me to meditate; my brain is an always-active place full of so.  Many.  Things.  Bouncing around.  Meditation seemed impossible.  But it's not!  It's free, it's actually a lot easier than many of us make it out to be, and it can be done practically anywhere.  If you're new to meditation, try the advice a friend gave me:  start small.  Do a little at a time.  Do it however works for YOU.  There are meditation podcasts out there (they've helped me a lot, as someone who isn't the best at meditation).  Even if you can only devote a few minutes of your day to meditating, it's still a great way to feel more relaxed, clear headed, and at peace.

Give one (or all) of these relaxation methods a try, and if you've got a favorite way to relax not listed here, let me know in the comments!

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