My Favorite Locations: Kinney Azalea Garden • RI Children's Photographer

Recently, I posted a blog that was the first in a series on my favorite locations.  This installment is about a place that many in southern Rhode Island (and even beyond) are familiar with:  Kinney Azalea Gardens.  Located in Kingston, right near URI, this beautiful spot is essentially someone's (really, really) big backyard.  It's an amazing sight to see.

As a RI children's photographer, this spot is one of my favorites for princess sessions (though I've had sessions of all kinds here!)

children at Kinney Azalea Garden in Rhode Island

One of the best things about Kinney is that it's so big and offers many different areas for photos.  It has winding paths, wide open spaces, and a really neat rock moon gate.

children at Kinney Azalea Garden in Rhode Island

The main draw of Kinney Azalea Gardens is, of course, its beautiful azaleas, which send the property bursting full of color mid-to-late May.  It's beautiful to see, and if you haven't ever been there, or haven't ever seen it when the azaleas are in bloom, make the trip!  It'll take your breath away.  

Even when the azaleas aren't blooming, though, Kinney still provides a gorgeous backdrop for photos.  The winding green paths are lovely, and there are various other blooms throughout the spring and summer, from rhododendrons and mountain laurel in June to wildflowers that bloom in July and August.

children at Kinney Azalea Garden in Rhode Island

This location also works well with various types of light and at a number of times during the day.  If it's cloudy out on the day of your session at Kinney, not to worry!  It will make the beautiful green pop even more (and some bubbles always add to the magic).  

children at Kinney Azalea Garden in Rhode Island

I've already got several sessions booked and planned for the coming spring and summer months here, and I'm super excited about it since it's such a gorgeous, versatile location.  There is always a friendly dog or two walking about the property!  (They've never made a photo cameo, though.) Is your next photo session going to be at Kinney Azalea Gardens?  Let's plan it!

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