My Favorite Locations: Magical South Kingstown Path • RI Children's Photographer

One of the most important parts of a photo session for your children or your family is the location.  In fact, locations can make or break your photos.  As a RI children's photographer, you can rest assured that I have plenty of locations up my sleeve for your photo session.  I spend time looking for locations that work well at all times of year and at various times of day.

This post is the first in a short series showcasing my favorite session locations.  This particular location is my favorite of all!

children on wooded path in Wakefield, RI

This unassuming wooded path is hidden in plain sight in South Kingstown.  In fact, many people have walked or driven right by it without ever knowing that it's there.  I know I did for a very long time until one day when I stopped and paid attention!  Once I realized this magical path in the forest existed, I couldn't wait to start using it for photos.  I knew it would photograph beautifully.  Clients now specifically ask for this spot, and I love that they love it as much as I do.

children on wooded path in Wakefield, RI

This beautiful location works well all four seasons of the year, and has a slightly different look each season.  It works well both on sunny and cloudy days, though I always love when the sun's out as it filters beautifully through the trees.  

children on path in Wakefield, RI

This spot is a go-to for sessions with children as well as families.  (In fact, I even did a selfie with my puppy there just a few weeks back!  It's featured in this blog post.)  It offers beauty and versatility.  Photos done at this location and printed large look just plain amazing and will be a welcome addition to your home's walls.  

Ready to book a session for your children at this magical path?  Let's set it up!

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