Three Reasons Fall Photo Sessions Are The Best • RI Children's Photographer

Somehow we've come up on the last day of August.  (Insert horrified scream!)  How did the summer pass so quickly?!  True, summer technically has about three weeks left.  But let's be honest, for many of us, the beginning of September, with its crisper days and even cooler nights, and the rumble of the school bus, means fall.

Fall isn't a bad thing, though.  There are lots of good things about it:  pumpkin everything (if you're one of those people who love pumpkin spice coffee, beer, muffins, and anything and everything else); comfy leggings and sweaters; Halloween; fall bonfires; and so much more.

As a RI children's photographer, I think fall is the BEST time to have a session.  Want to know why they're so special?  Read below for three reasons why.  

1.  There's nothing like fall color

Girl in the woods in fall in Rhode Island
Girl in the woods in fall in Rhode Island

Fall color is absolutely beautiful.  Changing leaves are nature's way of providing a gorgeous, vibrant backdrop for your photos.  Summer greens are great, too...but the reds, yellows, and oranges of fall are hard to beat.

2.  And there's also nothing like fall light

Girl in the woods in fall in Rhode Island

The earth's angle to the sun changes as the seasons change.  With fall comes shorter days, and the light is different, too, because of the earth's changing angle.  It's beautiful and warm and creates a glow unlike light from any other time of year, making for beautiful photos.

3.  The temperature is much more comfortable

Family in the woods in fall in Rhode Island

Don't get me wrong, summer is great for photo sessions because it's warm...but sometimes it's TOO warm.  Way too warm.  the cooler temps of fall mean that it's much more comfortable to be outside.  If you're dreaming of family photos where everyone's wearing chunky sweaters or long sleeved shirts, fall is the time to do it:  not too hot and not too cold.

Click the "book now" button below to book your fall session.  And if you book your session by September 8, I'll give you a $100 portrait credit to use towards your portrait investment.  This is a limited offer, so make sure to take advantage!

children in the woods in fall in RI

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