Puerto Rico Part III • RI Travel Photographer

This is the last in my three-part series of photos from my trip to Puerto Rico last month.  In case you missed the first two parts, or want to imagine your life on a beautiful island, you can find Part I here and part II here.

These photos were all taken on the last two days we were there.  The swell picked up that day.  I got a ton of surfing pictures but sadly missed my Enthusiastic Assistant's biggest wave in the trip because I was too busy accidentally draining our car battery.  You can't take me anywhere!  Actually, no, I think I make everything lots more fun.

The last day it rained and rained from about 4 pm til near midnight.  It stopped a few times (hence the rainbow photo near the end of the post); the last sunset was not the best but I managed to get a little sunset goodness.  When we left for the airport at 2 a.m., though, the rain had stopped and the sky was clearer than I'd seen it the whole time we'd been there.  The sky there is beautiful no matter what.

Check out our last two days in paradise.  I can't wait to go back.  Like tomorrow.

Amy Kristin Photography • Wakefield RI travel photographer