Puerto Rico Part I • RI Travel Photographer

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this, but my heart lives in Puerto Rico.  It has lived there since the first time I ever visited there.  Since I cried and cried as the plane home lifted off into the air.  Ever since then there has been something that has whispered Puerto Rico to me, willing me to come back.  I've traveled many places before I went there and places after but no place has ever had a hold on me like (the west coast of) Puerto Rico.  

We go to Puerto Rico to surf, to sit in the ocean at 7:30 a.m. and watch the sun rise up over the mountains that rise up from the sea right in front of you while sea turtles pop their heads up next to you.  When it's flat there are other adventures to go on, but this trip it wasn't flat, ever.  Wake breakfast sunrise surf lunch surf dinner sunset.  We were lucky enough this time to stay in a place far enough up in the hills that we could see the sunrise over the mountains every morning and the sunset every night, if we weren't on the beach watching the sun set.

Despite being to this same place many times before and photographing it, my cameras were still attached to my hip except for when I was in the water (or the ER).  I took thousands and thousands of photos but managed to cull down to a collection of about 150.  Don't worry, they'll be spread out across a few blog posts.  Today you get to see the first part.  And that gives you something to look forward to for the rest of the installments which are upcoming!

I still haven't quite come to terms with the fact that I'm not still there.  I don't think I ever will.  For now, take some time to see where my heart lives.

Amy Kristin Photography • RI Travel Photographer • Puerto Rico