Puerto Rico 2016, Part II • Rhode Island Family Photographer

Not long ago I posted the first set of photos from my (exciting, with slightly unexpected trip to the Puerto Rican ER) January trip to Puerto Rico.   In my mind I'm still there.  There are many days of the year I wonder why I'm not there.  My good friend Celeste recently told me, "It's because you haven't moved there yet."  She's quite right.  For now, my physical being is here in Rhode Island (and I love it here too) but my heart is still in western Puerto Rico.

This set of photos is from our last few days there.  Lots of me watching surfing, some wildlife (including the pelican who turned her throat completely inside out at me after I took her photo...I was honored!), walks on the beach, and the hills. There are still some film photos for me to go through so if you like to look at photos of warm places during a cold New England winter, don't worry...I've got your back. 

What's your favorite place to vacation in the winter?  Somewhere warm or cold?  Let me know in the comments!

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