Four Tips To Make Your Children's Photo Shoot A Breeze • Rhode Island Children's Photographer

Congratulations!  You've booked a photo session for your child or children.  Soon your walls will be adorned with prints and art pieces featuring your favorite little people.  You can't wait for that.

But hold on.  How do you prepare your child for a photo session?  Maybe they've never been in front of the camera before.  It's a super fun experience, but trying new things can be a bit daunting to anyone, whether child or adult.

Fortunately I've learned a few things in my time as a Rhode Island children's photographer that can help make your children's session easy and smooth.  Below are four of my favorite tips for making your child's photo session a whole lot easier.  And when you book a session with me, I'll walk you through each and every piece, step by step, from booking to the delivery of your wall art and print products.  What are you waiting for?  Contact me now for a fun, rewarding session with beautiful photos!

TIP 1:  Keep your child in the know. 

Let your child know that you've booked a photo session.  Explain to them what will happen.  Most children today are very familiar with having their photo taken since smartphones are everywhere, but not all kids are familiar with what a professional camera looks like, and some are intimidated by it at first glance.  Let your child know where the session will be...outdoors?  In a studio?  Children are usually more relaxed when they have a good idea of what to expect. 

Amy Kristin Photography Rhode Island Children's Photographer

TIP 2:  A well-rested, well-fed child is (usually!) a happy child. 

Make sure your child gets a good night's sleep before his or her photo session, and if they take naps, make sure the shoot isn't scheduled during nap time.  Bring snacks and drinks along; often a cranky little one might just need some water, a bottle, or a few crackers to perk up again.

Amy Kristin Photography Rhode Island Children's Photographer

TIP 3:  If your child has a special item like a blanket, stuffed animal, or some amazing sunglasses that they want to bring to the shoot, encourage it! 

I'm sure you know how much more calm your child is when their "lovey" is with them; it'll definitely help make things easier.  Sometimes I can even work these things into a few photos; they're great for really helping to bring out a child's personality.

Amy Kristin Photography Rhode Island Children's Photographer

TIP 4:  It's OK if they're not always smiling. 

Trust me, I know you want those smiling shots, and don't worry...I've got this!  But if your child is being more reserved or serious for some photos, don't stress.  Serious photos are just as amazing.  You don't need to constantly tell your child to smile, but sometimes I do enlist parents' help for some big giggles!

Amy Kristin Photography Rhode Island Children's Photographer

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