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Back in May, I sat down with Tara Devany, a doTerra Wellness Advocate here in South Kingstown, RI.  She shared with us her top six essential oils for moms.  Since that time, with guidance from Tara, I've incorporated essential oils into my daily life for all sorts of uses.  I've amassed a nice little supply.  Some are for more specific tasks, but I've got a group of oils that I use every day.  

Today I'm going to let you in on what those oils are and how I use them, from making my skin prettified to keeping bugs away during outdoor photo shoots.  Whether you're a busy working parent, a stay at home mom juggling kids and household, an empty nester, or a single person, you can reap the benefits from all these fun oils.  Check out what my everyday oils are!

Amy Kristin Photography Rhode Island Family Photographer

Morning routine:  Frankincense, On Guard, and Patchouli

These are my three morning after-shower oils.

  • Frankincense for my makes me look glowy and I daresay a little younger.  But the glow is the best part.  I just put two drops on my hands, rub them together and then rub on my face.  
  • On Guard goes on the bottom of my feet every morning.  It's good for supporting the immune system; I've got an immune system that doesn't always function properly so this is a must-have for me.  If I'm feeling super yucky or there's a bug going around, I'll diffuse some during the day, too.  
  • Patchouli is just because I like the smell of it.  Yes, I smell like a hippie.  And I don't care.
Amy Kristin Photography Rhode Island Family Photographer

My don't-leave-home-without-these-two pair of oils

  • DigestZen for tummy troubles.  Whether you're prone to tummy troubles, you have a child who is, or you just want to be prepared for the unknown, this stuff rules.  I am NEVER without it.  At the first sign of feeling yucky, put a couple of drops in water, under your tongue, or even rub on your belly.  It works, and fast.  As the owner of a highly uncooperative belly, I can totally vouch for this oil.
  • TerraShield for keeping the bugs away.  This oil has come in SO handy this past summer.  I put a little bit behind my ears, knees, and on my wrists and the mosquitoes and other critters stay far away from me.  It comes in SO handy for outdoor photo shoots; I had a shoot at Camp Hoffman last week where I was rolling on the ground in the woods and not a bug bite was found afterwards.  I forgot it on one early evening shoot in East Matunuck and I was hating life!  (But the mosquitoes were loving me!)  Bonus, I think this oil smells sooooo good.  Not like your typical bug repellent.
Amy Kristin Photography Rhode Island Family Photographer

The buh-bye allergies combo:  lemon, lavender, and peppermint

I have allergies but one time of year:  now.  Ragweed season.  I'm not as miserable as I was when I was a kid and had wicked hay fever, but the sneezing and itchy eyes and occasional sinus ickiness is a PITA.  This is true for allergies of any season, am I right?  Putting this combo in my diffuser or in my essential oil diffuser necklace is the key to my sanity during this allergy season.  So many fewer sneezes, so much less itchiness, and my sinuses are way happier.  Also:  no drowsy allergy medicine needed.

Amy Kristin Photography Rhode Island Family Photographer

The bedtime ahhhhhhh pair:  Serenity and vetiver

I love this combination.   Both oils (well, Serenity is a blend) smell amazing on their own but the combo is my favorite thing ever.  So relaxing.  So calming.  I diffuse it at bedtime.  Who am I kidding, I diffuse it any chance I get because it smells so good and calms everyone including the cat.  Need some help getting the kids down to sleep?  Try this combo!  I wish I had a floating diffuser of this combo floating next to me at all times.  It's that good.

Do you have favorite everyday oils?  Or are you looking for some suggestions on oils to use?  Let me know in the comments!

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