A whole new yoga experience • Wakefield RI photographer

I admit that I'm a chronic multitasker.  It's very rare that I ever do just one thing at a time.  However, taking photos while practicing yoga are not two things I ever thought I'd do simultaneously...until it happened.  How did this come to be?  I was invited to attend a new yoga class in Wakefield (you should go!  Be Glad Yoga, taught by Gladys, Thursdays at 6 p.m. at 365 Main St.!) and also take some photos of the class.  OK, super!  I just parked myself, my yoga mat, and my camera bag at the back of the room, put my camera on quiet mode, and started taking photos.  I took photos while I was standing on one leg.  While I was in runner's lunge.  While I was in child's pose.  It was definitely a fun experience, and the class was great.  I'll go back again...although next time I think I'll just bring myself and my yoga mat.  Scroll down to see some of the photos I got.