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The photo below is of my grandfather and me.  It was taken when I was about two years old. It is my most favorite photo that I have.

Amy Kristin Photography Rhode Island Children's Photographer

The decor and clothes should give you a little hint as to the time period the photo was taken.  It was back in the day when all photos were taken with film and printed.  Hung on the wall, put in albums that you pored through over and over, carried in wallets and looked at until they're dog eared.  I'm no longer a chubby cheeked shorty wearing scandalously short dresses, and my grandfather passed away almost twenty five years ago (it took my breath away to write that).  But the PRINT of this photo is somewhere prominent where I can see it so I can always remember and every time I see it, I smile.

Amy Kristin Photography Rhode Island Children's Photographer
Amy Kristin Photography Rhode Island Children's Photographer

When I was growing up, we always had photos.  Albums of photos, photos in frames, boxes of photos, and slides (it was a great night when Dad got out the slide projector, some reels, and the screen!)  There were always cameras.  At family gatherings and day to day.  My whole life I have been intrigued and somewhat obsessed at looking at photos of my family and loved ones, both from before I even existed and from after I was born.  Being able to see those photos, touch them, see them right there in front of me...each one brings me back to a moment in time I'll never be able to go back to but remember with so much love.  Until a flux capacitor is actually invented, photographs are the best, the most beautiful, the ONLY time machine we have. 

And that is why I print your photos.  I am a boutique full-service photography studio.  As a Rhode Island children's photographer, this is something I pride myself on and a service I love to provide!  When I take photos of your family or your children, I'm not just providing you with a DVD of photos that may end up in a drawer somewhere (but don't worry, I know everyone likes some digitals so they're available in all my collections!)  When you have your photos taken with me, I meet with you after your session to pick out print products and wall art that best meet your family's needs.  These heirloom-quality, archival items are custom printed for you by a photo lab I've hand selected so that you can have your own beautiful time machine.  On your walls, in your hands, in your purse, and all around you. 

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