Holiday Shopping at All That Matters • Wakefield RI Children's Photographer

If you're a South County resident, you are likely familiar with All That Matters, the yoga and holistic health center on Main Street in Wakefield.  It's been a cornerstone of wellness in the area for many years and they now have locations in East Greenwich and Providence as well.  

All That Matters' Wakefield location has a wonderful store as well.  It carries clothing, jewelry, wellness products, and more.  The holiday shopping season is upon us, and I recently stopped by the store and chatted with store goddess Tara who helped with suggesting gifts for various people on all of our gift lists, even those who are hard to shop for.  Take a look below to get some great gift ideas, and make sure to stop by the store at All That Matters at 311 Main Street in Wakefield.

Wakefield RI children's photographer • Amy Kristin Photography •

1.  FOR THE ZEN GIRL OR GUY ON YOUR LIST.  Keep your favorite chill person's head warm this winter AND help them spread friendly vibes with this adorable NAMASTE hat (I'm going back to get one for me!). 

2.  FOR THAT PERSON WHO NEEDS SOME LUCK.  We all have a loved one or two  who always could use an extra bit of luck.  It seems like maybe the universe deals them a few too many bad hands.  These adorable three-legged pigs (chanchitos), made in Chile, are a token of love, luck, and friendship.  Pick one out for that person who needs it most.

3.  FOR THE YOGI.  All That Matters is a Yoga mecca and their store has all manner of supplies for those who practice.  Yoga mats, pants, tops, headbands,'s all here.

4.  FOR THE LITTLE ONES.  There are several beautifully written and illustrated children's books, including the one pictured (Sleep Like A Tiger by Mary Logue, illustrated by Pamela Zagarenski) that will both intrigue your child and help send him/her off into sleepy dreamland.

5.  FOR THE WINE LOVER.  This Corkcicle canteen can be used for all sorts of uses, not just wine (although it does conveniently fit a whole bottle of wine).   It keeps drinks cold for 25 hours, or hot for 12.   It's a Thermos, only better, and comes in a whole bunch of fun colors.

6.   FOR THE CHEF OR FOODIE.  Ghee is amazing.  Farm To Gold ghee is even more amazing.   It has so many uses and it's just SO GOOD.  Tastes like butter, but no lactose!  Don't forget to buy a jar for yourself, too.

7.  FOR THE GUY(S) ON YOUR LIST.  Sometimes guys can be tricky to buy for.  They might not know exactly what they want.  But EVERYBODY loves a good massage.  The store at ATM offers several different types of massagers to make your favorite guy feel AHHHHH all over.  Tara showed me how to use the hand massager and I'm in love!  It comes in several different colors to please everyone on the list.  

Happy shopping!

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