The Well • Wakefield RI Photographer

Just under a year ago, I was looking for a space to shoot in.  I put it out into the universe and guess what, the universe delivered me this beautiful space.  It helped my business grow and made me so happy to shoot in.  I'm moving on to a new space but this place will remain forever awesome.  It's in an old building and the beauty and character are just gorgeous.  I was asked to shoot some photos of the space and I gladly did so.  I went this past Saturday morning, when the light was amazing through the big, big windows in the front of the studio.  I was very happy to be able to use my newish wide angle lens to accomplish this task.  This was one of the few times I have shot in the space with natural light...I'm often a strobe girl when I'm working...but the light in here is amazing.  I even had a canine subject in a few of my photos, though he seemed to be a bit blasé about the whole thing.  Check out this beautiful space below!