The unimpressed cat • Wakefield RI pet photographer

Meet my cat, Reina.  Some of you may already know her.  She is not impressed with anything.  Ever.  Well, except maybe when she hears a can opener or when she brings us home a, um, "present".  Other than that, she is perpetually unimpressed.  Her name means "Queen" in Spanish.  Believe me, she lives up to it.  I have this fantastic idea to shoot Reina in a studio setting this coming week.  I'm not really sure how I will accomplish this; as you can see by the following casual photos, she seems to project one word at all times:  NO.  However, I'm very stubborn and have never been one to say no to a challenge (especially a self-imposed one…) so I'm going to have to try this out.  For now, see how Reina relaxes comfortably on the couch after a long day of climbing trees and relaxing on the deck railing.  It's clearly very hard to be a cat.