Surfboard Stories Volume 2 • Wakefield RI Portrait photographer

Chives is the most stoked person I know.  He's stoked when there are waves and it's three degrees out, he's stoked when it's summer and the waves are ankle high, he's stoked pretty much all the time.  Check out Chives below showing major stoke and then scroll on to read his Surfboard Story.

Chives and his Bing are bringing the major stoke.

What's your name?  Jon Baylor

Do you have a superhero name or any superpowers I should know about?  Chives:  Sorcerer of pottery magic

What board did you bring with you today?  9' 7" Bing Trimulux Prototype

Why did you bring this board?  It's been my go to board for years.  I have had many moments of discovery with it.  The Trimulux is now in semi-retirement awaiting repairs, never really having enough time to repair it properly.

Where did you get it?  Craigslist!

Do you remember the first wave you ever caught on this board?  Yes!  A left at Narragansett Town Beach about an hour after I got it.  Picked it up in July & was fortunate to christen it that day.

Do you remember your favorite wave ever (or favorite day ever) on this board?  No favorite, but many memories sharing waves with great friends.

Do you have a favorite place to ride it?  K-38!!!!  It likes lefts...

Any final words?  I love my new board, but will never sell the Trimulux; too many great sessions on it.

Thanks, Chives!