2019 Project 365: May Part II

I think (or at least I want to think) that we’ve made it to the part of the year where the weather is comfortable to warm all the time, where birds chirp, flowers bloom, and we can actually wear shorts and flip flops. Fingers crossed that I didn’t just jinx us all!

Seriously, though, the second half of May was good to us, and June has been so far, too. That’s not always the case; sometimes late May can be cold and rainy and seem more like November than May. As a southern RI family photographer, there have been several sessions I’ve had in Mays past where the weather has bordered on TOO cold. This year has been nicely pleasant, with time spent at the ocean, on adventures with the dog, and in our backyard. It is coming into my busiest time of year and sometimes I feel like a chicken with its head cut off, but each day I still pick up my camera and take a photo for the day. It really is nice to have a visual journal to look back at to remember the entire year by.

Want to see what the second half of May looked like? Check it out below!

5/16/19 • Messy

Yes, sometimes I’m a little messy. But I do clean up after myself!

clothes on a bathroom floor in Wakefield, RI

5/17/19 • Something made from wood

bananas and mango in a wooden bowl

5/18/19 • Kitchen

I love our kitchen floor but it needs to be taken up and totally replaced. All the tiles are cracking and splitting. As much as I love that yellow and white diner-style tile, it has to go soon.

dog in kitchen

5/19/19 • Use a tripod

woman sitting on deck in Wakefield, RI

5/20/19 • Macro Monday

I was just taking images of my reblooming lilac when this tiny fly showed up on one bud! Just a teeny little gnat.

fly on lilac bud

5/21/19 • Open

woman in doorway

5/22/19 • Closed

Lemmy (my dog) was on Prozac, then Zoloft (which this bottle is), and is now being switched back to Prozac. it’s a journey.

medicine bottle

5/23/19 • Street light

Schaeffer St. in Wakefield, RI at night

5/24/19 • Window

kitchen window

5/25/19 • From a distance

Telephoto lenses are great because they let you capture your subject from a distance and not have to be right up in their face.

dog in backyard in Wakefield, RI

5/26/19 • Party

Party wave. That’s what happens when you surf at the Pier in the summer.

surfers at Narragansett Town Beach in Narragansett, RI

5/27/19 • Remember

We took Lemmy to this pond once last year; it was the first time he ever went swimming. He’s been swimming since then but not since last summer. We weren’t sure if he would remember the pond or swimming in general, but he did.

dog jumping into pond at King’s Preserve in Saunderstown, RI

5/28/19 • Hamburger

I don’t eat hamburgers much but i will admit that my favorite part is putting a slice of my favorite cheese on top, when I do eat them!

slices of fresh mozzarella cheese and a knife on a cutting board.

5/29/19 • 2 photos, edited/unedited

The first photo is the edited one; the second is not.

dog in backyard in Wakefield, RI
dog in backyard in Wakefield, RI

5/30/19 • Polka dots

I actually own nothing with polka dots and could find nothing around with polka dots. So this is the closest it gets: the mug I hand painted with slightly polka dotted waves.

coffee mug

5/31/19 • Liquid

surfers at Narragansett Town Beach in Narragansett, RI

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