2019 365: May Part I

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that summer is my absolute favorite time of year. But May comes a close second. It’s when we can finally start to trust that spring might stick around for a few days at a time, and it is when my favorite flowering trees and bushes bloom and the leaves are fully out on the trees. I often wish that all the colors of May would stick around for longer so the greens of summer had something else to make their lives more interesting.

I have spent days this month stalking my hummingbirds. They are quite tricky, but thankfully those at my parents’ house are much more open to photos. And also there are all the other beautiful birds that come back each year with their gorgeous colors: indigo buntings, goldfinches, Baltimore orioles, goldfinches, and more. Baby birds can be heard chirping in nests. Protective mother catbirds just might try to off you when you go out into your backyard, at least if you’re at my house. Being outdoors more is wonderful.

The first two weeks of May flew right out from under me when I wasn’t looking, but I was there; I’ve got the pictures to prove it. Take a look below to see the first part of May.

5/1/19 • Blueberries

frozen blueberries in kefir

5/2/19 • Socks

woman’s feet with octopus socks

5/3/19 • Mail

Lemmy likes to sit at the door and wait for the mailman. And bark at him.

dog looking out front door

5/4/19 • A vehicle

red Scion xB

5/5/19 • Your favorite Mexican food

Guacamole isn’t my VERY favorite Mexican food, although I do love it. It’s what I had on hand this day, though.

guacamole in a bowl

5/6/19 • Two photos, one taken at 35mm and one taken at 70mm


5/7/19 • Half empty or half full

My heart was half empty this day for several reasons, until I saw this hummingbird. Then it was half full.

ruby throated hummingbird at rest

5/8/19 • Candle

Nothing holds a candle to Lionel, his expressions, or the beautiful backdrop my cherry tree makes each May.

Maine Coon cat in springtime in Wakefield, RI

5/9/19 • Insect world

ants on a blade of grass

5/10/19 • Towel

woman drying glass with dish towel

5/11/19 • Skyline

The great skyline of Wakefield, RI

Shaw’s in Wakefield, RI

5/12/19 • Mother

a woman’s hand resting on the arm of a couch

5/13/19 • Yellow


5/14/19 • Upside down

Nike sneakers on a living room rug

5/15/19 • L is for…

Lens! One of my favorites, my 85mm f1.2.

Canon 85mm 1.2 lens

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