The Why Behind It All • South County RI Children's Photographer

Why do you photograph what you do?  Why children, and families?  What made you pick those genres?  Why not weddings, or landscape, or something else?  I get asked those questions a lot as a South County, RI children's photographer.

There are a lot of factors that, all put together, make up the reasons behind this.  But it all began with one reason.  One person.  This guy.

 Boy in rural Richmond, RI

This guy is my older nephew.  While I don't have any of my own children, I have two wonderful nephews.  I've been taking this guy's photo since he was a baby.  He doesn't like to get his picture taken too much anymore, and that's OK.  But when he says that we can take a few photos, I'll take what I can get, even if it's silly faces, cheesy grins, and a fidget spinner.  

He will be ten years old this summer.  It seems like he was just born.  I remember going to visit him at the hospital when he was just hours old and it really does seem like that happened just last summer, not ten summers ago.  In some sort of time warp he went from baby to a blonde haired toddler to starting school to all of a sudden being so much longer than he used to be.  I remember how when he was a newborn, he looked skeptical of everything.  I remember when he got a chainsaw (a toy, of course, haha) for Christmas when he was four or five and had the best reaction I've ever seen someone have to a Christmas present.  It's like when you see people on the Price Is Right react to the announcer saying "A NEW CAR!!!"  Somewhere in the last year he stopped looking like a little boy anymore and is now planted firmly between "big kid" and "not too far from teenager".  When he was really small I used to think, someday he will grow up.  Someday he won't need us all so much.  Someday it won't be cool to go to the antique store with his aunt.  There would be a little pang, and then I would think oh, that is so far away.  

Well, in the blink of an eye, here we are, more than halfway to him being all grown up.  He still needs his family, but he's a very smart, independent kid.  He'll work very hard to convince you that his idea is really good, and we should make it happen.  He doesn't have a lot of fear.  He's a lot like his dad.  I'm so glad that I have taken so many photos of him as he has grown up.

You know that saying, "The days are long, but the years are short"?  It's true.  I'm sure that you, as a parent, realize this.  In just the blink of an eye, your child goes from newborn to tween, before you can even catch your breath.   And that is the why behind why I have chosen to photograph (and love to photograph!) children.  They will only be this little once.  Next week, next month, next year, they will be different.  I want to capture them as they are right now.  

 baby on rug

This is my younger nephew.  This little guy has transformed from a teeny newborn to a happy and active six month old almost overnight.  This photo is from a few months back, and already he's very different.

Your kids will be grown up in the blink of an eye, too.  Let me capture them as they are right now.

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