Slightly more impressed • Wakefield RI Pet Photographer

If you've been around awhile, you may remember Reina, the unimpressed cat.  Reina was just never impressed, unless there was catnip, in which case she might be mildly (and I mean mildly) intrigued.  To make a long story very short, Reina has not been with us since June and we miss her terribly (and still hope for her to come home).  We do have Lionel now, though.  Lionel is a fluffy boy kitten.  He was born in captivity (i.e. at the animal shelter) on July 7, in case you want to shop for his birthday.  His likes include meowing to tell you about his day, quinoa, batting at the local neighborhood stray cat through the sliding glass door, and running around the living room like a maniac.  All perfectly normal cat behavior.  It's obviously a perfectly good idea to set up a studio shot for your not-quite-four-month-old kitten.  He will obviously have the attention span for it and will listen to commands quite well!  If he decides that being on the backdrop isn't the place to be, just bribe him with treats and everything will go swimmingly.  Lionel actually was a good and entertaining little subject...check out some of the photos we got below.