2014 Photo Contest Giveaway Winner • Amy Kristin Photography • Wakefield RI Photographer

Guess what?  It's time to announce the winner of my photo contest giveaway!  I'm so excited that I'm practically levitating out of my chair!  First I would like to say that I loved reading the entries I got and I'm so humbled by them.  You guys are great.  I got 14 entries total, and I used random.org to pick the winning entry:

This means that the second entry I received is the winner.  Soooo, this means that the winner of my photo contest giveaway is Erika Castaneda.  Erika was nominated by Bekah Blakeney.  Bekah's entry nominating Erika was wonderful.  Check it out for yourself; here are the first few sentences Bekah sent:  "Erika is one of the kindest people I know. She is loving and supportive and compassionate. She also is funny and full of life."

First of all, that's a friend!  Second, how excited am I to be giving away this session to Erika and her son?  (I'm happy dancing in my chair now).  I'll be contacting Erika so we can set up a session this summer.  Am I looking forward to it?  Yes, yes, and yes.

Thank you all so much for your entries and your continued support.  You guys are awesome.  <3