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I'm very fortunate.  As a RI family photographer, I have a job I love and I'm able to create my own schedule.  This is what many people dream of.

It's definitely wonderful, but that doesn't mean that I don't have days when I feel bogged down or slightly overwhelmed.  Sometimes it feels like I've been meeting the needs of all the people (and animals) in my life and not looking out for me.

It's not just me this happens to, of course.  This is a refrain I hear over and over again from friends, from clients, from the world in general.  It can be hard to be an adult.  Even harder when you're a parent.  There are those days that you might want to cover your head in the sand or run away to a foreign country and live under an assumed name.  (My own mother used to threaten this on occasion when we were small).

In times like this, I know I need to just take an hour to refresh.  And I so encourage you to do this as well.  

Dog at Point Judith, Rhode Island

Go to your favorite spot.  Or at least somewhere you really like.  For me, it's the ocean.  For you, maybe it's your backyard under a tree.  Or your bathtub with a cup of tea and a good book.  Or a trail where you can hike, or a yoga class.  Go alone, or go with others (human or animal).  Whatever makes you breathe a little bit more easily.

We have to take care of ourselves.  Sometimes we forget that.  It's impossible to be the best version of yourself, to both yourself and others, if you're running on empty.  

It's amazing what just a short break in routine and a little change of scenery can do for your mind and your soul.  I try to find an hour to do this once a week.  At first I thought I couldn't spare it, but then I made some changes and found that an hour wasn't too much to spare.

My four legged friend and I like to go and sit by the ocean.  We watch the waves (until I'm able to surf them again...hopefully just a few more weeks!)  Everything about this makes me a much calmer and more centered version of myself.  I want that for you too!

dog and ocean at Point Judith, Rhode Island

Find that hour.  Do your thing.  You'll be happy you did!

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