2019 Project 365: January Part I • RI Family Photographer

A few times in past years, I’ve done a project 365: one picture for every day of the year. In 2018, I didn’t do one. It can be a big undertaking. One photo a day…it sounds easy. And in some ways it is, but there’s also finding something to take a photo of every day, even when you’re not feeling super creative or inspired. In the past, I’ve always just taken a photo of whatever. It was nice to be able to be creative, but it could also be overwhelming to know what to take a photo of each day. One year, I had lots of photos of my cat. Lots.

This year, I decided to do a 365 project again. As usual, it was a last-minute decision. Even though I didn’t do a 365 in 2018, I had ideas for other creative projects that ended up falling by the wayside when I got pneumonia and then a stress fractured hip and the hustle of setting up my own studio. Long story short, I wanted something to break out of a rut for 2019 and also keep my mind creative as a RI family photographer. This year, I’m following a photo prompt every single day. And I love it. I can still be as creative (or as boring) as I want…how that theme is interpreted is up to me.

So here are the photos from the first half of January. Take a little trip into my world.

1/1/19 • Celebrate

Because why not celebrate the new year with a nice cup of coffee!

coffee mug with steam

1/2/19 • Bubbles

sodastream bottle

1/3/19 • Zoom in

macro photo of garlic

1/4/19 • Your weather

Nice and sunny!

dog at sliding glass door

1/5/19 • Review of the last year

These Doc Martens have been with me for just over a year. They have a lot of stories to tell. That and the dog (and his crate) behind me really tell a lot of stories from the past 365 days.

Doc Martens

1/6/19 • Dark

black coffee in a mug

1/7/19 • Dreams

I’m not sure what dogs dream of but he always seems to be daydreaming about something. Probably squirrels.

dog in front of wood stove

1/8/19 • C is for…

Curled up. Cozy. And my dog actually does look like the letter “C” often times when he sleeps.

Dog curled up on bed

1/9/19 • Stairs

Looking up cellar stairs

1/10/19 • Scarf

My father went to Ireland about 18 years ago and brought me back a dark reddish-pink scarf. I wore it often in the winter. Sometime around Christmas, I lost or misplaced it. I still can’t figure out where it is and I’m heartbroken. That said, I’m also lucky enough to have this wonderful infinity scarf which my sister in law made for me awhile back. It’s super warm and soft.

View of a woman from behind in a kitchen

1/11/19 • Two photos. One color, one black and white

Doc Martens in the kitchen
black and white photo of a pear

1/12/19 • Sunrise

winter sunrise at Narragansett town beach

1/13/19 • Big

macro image of strawberry

1/14/19 • Cozy

woman holding coffee mug

1/15/19 • Hat

woman and dog on Narragansett Town Beach

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