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As a RI family photographer, there are a number of product offerings that are available to my clients. The products that are available are ones I absolutely love and stand behind.

Often when people first see my client guide or product listing, they say, Hey Amy, what the heck are standouts? And what are mounted prints? How are they different, and what should I get?

Great question!

Standout prints are regular prints that are mounted on a 3/4” black foam core backing, and do not require a frame. Mounted prints are what most people would consider "regular prints” that you would put in a frame. I mount my prints on either mat board (8x10 prints and under) or styrene (anything larger than 8x10). This allows the print to be more rigid and will prevent it from curling, rippling, or warping in a frame. The mounting on mounted prints is very thin compared to mounted prints, and poses no problems with framing prints. The below image shows the difference between the thickness of a standout (bottom) and that of a mounted print (top).

standout print and mounted print in studio in Charlestown, RI

Standouts are similar to canvases in that they stand out a bit from the wall, and do not require frames. However, rather than being printed on canvas, they are regular photo prints mounted on a light foam core backing. The photo does not wrap around the edges as it does with a canvas. Standouts are great for those who like a clean, modern look but prefer the look of a print vs. a canvas.

standout prints in studio in Charlestown, RI

Standouts are very light. They have holes on the back that allow for mounting on a small hanger or nail on your wall. They look great in groupings of various sizes.

mounted gift print in studio in Charlestown, RI

While mounted prints are generally framed, the smallest ones (think 5x7) can be displayed without a frame. They can be leaned on a mantle or book shelf (this is how I display lots of photos of my nephews!) My image boxes all come with a stand that lets you display whatever image you like. Change up the image whenever you like!

Are you someone who likes to frame prints? Or do you like the frameless look of standouts? Let me know in the comments!

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