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Dads are awesome people.  I can say with complete certainty that my own father is one of my favorite people in the world.  He's smart, very funny, and as he'll tell you, he's a "good-looking individual".   In honor of Father's Day, this RI family photographer was to share five reasons why my dad is awesome.  Let me know why your dad is awesome in the comments!

girl having tea party with father

1.  He fostered my love of Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, and music in general.

On the weekends, my dad (once a cook in the Army) would put on his bathrobe, make some French toast, and put on a Willie or Kris album.  To this day, I still love them both

My dad also plays the guitar and would sing (and still does) along while he plays.  He and my mom taught us lots of songs that way.  Legend has it I was also toilet trained to the sound of his guitar music.  While I don't actually remember this, I can say that I love some really good music thanks to my dad.

man and child riding bikes in West Greenwich, RI

2.  He's got a sense of adventure

While it's hard to be totally adventurous when you're raising five kids, my dad has always been one to do with us and teach us some fun things.  He taught me how to ride a two wheeler (albeit without holding a toddler in one arm!).  He taught me to do cartwheels, took us fishing, would let the cats not only in the house but in the living room (hey, if you knew how my mom was with the cats, this is totally adventurous!) and is definitely the parent most likely to go along with any slightly harebrained idea, even to this day.

3.  He has always told me to do my best.

There have been lots of times in my life that I've come upon some sort of obstacle that I've been worried about.  In school, with sports, adult life in general.  So many times, my dad has said the same thing:   "Do your best".  This speaks volumes to me.  I will always do the very best I know how to do, and in his book (and, later, as I grew up and realized it, in my own) that makes me a winner.

Toddler girl with father in Richmond, RI in 1970s
father and daughter at Scarborough beach in 1978

4.  He spent hours tirelessly teaching me math when I was a teen.  Even when I hated math, and was probably a pill.

My dad was a high school math teacher, and still tutors and teaches math now.  Math was my jam, until right around 10th grade.  Multiple variables?  Proofs?  Sines and cosines?  My brain just couldn't grasp it.  My father would sit with me and help me with my homework while I acted like a snot and said I would never use this in real life.  

While I'm not necessarily a math scholar, most of what I learned stuck.  And guess what?  I have used math in real life.  Quite a bit!  So thanks for sticking it out and not giving up on my math skills, dad.  You're the real MVP.

5. He gave me a really good barometer on how a guy should treat me.

My dad is a kind, calm, funny guy.  He has treated me like a VIP since the moment I was born.  Between that and the relationship that I saw between my parents for my whole life, I came away with a very good understanding of how a man should treat me.  There's never been anyone better than you, Daddy.

Father feeding baby

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